I'm Sophie!


 Photo taken by the wonderful  Camera Hannah

Photo taken by the wonderful Camera Hannah


My aim is to capture the feeling that old photographs give you as you leaf through family albums.
Whilst the look of film photography still has my heart, it is now possible to capture the look and feel of a variety of different film stocks (some that are even discontinued!) without ever having to actually use film.
I try and source all my printing from local, ecologically sound printers so you can sleep easy knowing the carbon footprint is very low!
I capture the day as naturally as possible, that means as few posed shots as possible (because who likes waiting around to be photographed?) Most of the time, I hope you won't even notice I'm there because it means you'll get the best unposed, funny, and natural shots.

Here's a fact file on little ol' me:
* I am a bit of a sci fi nerd (you may note the package names!) Some of my favourites are Star Wars, Stranger Things, "B" movies, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and Fringe.
* I also love fantasy, think G.R.R Martin, Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman and you've pretty much got it!
* I'm a sucker for cartoons; Iove mulling over Adventure Time comics with a cuppa and a good old Rick and Morty netflix binge.
* I love animals, and I have two big fluffy cats called Albus and Percy.
* I hail from deepest Derbyshire: Buxton (it's famous for its water)
* I originally started out as a painter but retrained when I was gifted my Grandfathers old camera gear and fell in love.
* Buy me battenburg cake and I will love you forever.